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  Plumed Dragon Family
This piece measures roughly 16" high x 32" in diameter. The family of dragons eyes illuminate in addition to the base tex

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Samples of the artwork include:
John first discovered his interest in art, particularly sketching in the early 1960's while attending Phoenix Central High School (Class of 1964). While in the Navy from 1967 to 1971,  After the military, John attended the Arizona School of Art on Camelback Road in Phoenix, Az.  John was privileged to have the instruction of Joseph Rogozen at the School, however, but for roughly six months.  John and family moved to Denver, Co. in 1975 and there he continued his art interests and sold much of the works displayed on tabs "Early Art 1 thru 5' above.  In recent years, John has developed an interest in Dragons of a different sort.  John wanted to come up with something out of the norm as far as dragons are concerned and these works are diplayed on the 'Dragons From Ireland' tab above. One of John's favorite subjects is his 'Broomstick Buckeroo' series, prints of these originals are available, AND there will be more to come along this line...the 'Broomstick Buckerette' series.  In early 2013 John has begun a leatherwork category for products made from leather or a combination of leather and wood, with more to come. 
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Father Time
Lady Eagle
The Broomstick Buckeroo Series
On cedar plank
Super Blackhawk .44 mag 
Colt .22 mag
Ammo belts and holsters
All leather work is custom-made, handstitched and tooled

Center Piece Display
Measures 18" in Diameter x 6.25" high - hand tooled leather with gold leaf trim
Hand Tooled Leather Vest
with Suede lining
Note: See 'Leather & Artwork" tab for more detail and pricing on the leather products

Cougar Spots Dinner
Easy Ridin' Ahead
Accept Safe
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